Treatment for Those Whose Loved Ones Have Left This Plane

Treatment for Those Whose Loved Ones Have Left This Plane
by Marjorie Larragoit, Practitioner Emeritus

“The soul needs a  physical body here, else it would not have evolved one.  But when by reason of disease, decay or accident the physical body is no longer an adequate instrument through which the soul may function, it lays the present body aside and continues to function through a more subtle one.”  Ernest Holmes, THE SCIENCE MIND, p. 374, 

I believe in the continuation of the personal life beyond the grave, in the continuity of the individual stream of consciousness with a full recollection of itself and the ability to know and to make itself known.  I wish to feel, when the experience of physical death shall occur, that that which I really am will continue to live beyond the grave.  I wish to feel that I shall again meet those friends whose lives and influences have made my life happy while on earth.”  Ernest Holmes, THE SCIENCE OF MIND, p. 385

There is one life, that life is God, that life is my life now.  This is also the life of all others who have had loved ones who have moved on to the next level beyond this life, who have preceded their friends and families in releasing the physical body and moved on to the next experience.  Each person is one with Divine Spirit, with the Presence which is the truth of being for all.

I declare now for each one who is still here in this life and who has experienced this release of friends and loved ones to the next divine experience, comfort and awareness of the Presence of Spirit in their lives.  I affirm that each one who is finding themselves in this situation is now aware of the God within, which brings comforts and guidance.  Each person is held in the arms of the Divine and comforted and blessed and given direction for the continuation of life in the highest and best way.  Each one is now made aware of that Presence in every moment of their days and is able to call upon Spirit for relief and really accept this awareness of the Divine Comforting Presence for each individual and know that each one is blessed in all they feel and all they know.  I call upon each one to accept this understanding and comfort that is given by the Spirit within.

I now release this to the great Creator and know that it has already been done in the mind of God and comes forth in the highest and best way.  So I let this go, knowing it now is made manifest in the lives of each person who has experienced having their close friends, companions, and loved ones move on to the next life.  

It let it go , I let it be, and so it is.