Unity and Love

We are Perfect Embodiments of Spirit
by Alicia K Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

“I know that in Love there can be no separation, for Love unites. Love sustains and protects Its own. ”  ― Ernest Holmes

We will make our unity with all people, with all life.  We affirm that God in us is unified with God in all.  This One is now drawing into our life all love and sacred fellowship.  

I am one with all people, all things, and all of life.  As I listen in the silence, the voice of humanity speaks to me and answers the love that I hold out to it.  Love given; love received.

This great love that I now feel for the world is the love of God and it is felt by all and returned from all.  Nothing comes in between because there is noting but love to come in between.  I understand all people and that understanding is reflected back to me from all people.  I help, therefore I am helped.  I uplift, therefore I am uplifted.  Nothing can mar this perfect picture of myself and my relations with the world; it is the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  I am now surrounded by all love, all friendship, all companionship, all solitude, all health, all happiness, all abundance.  I am one with Life.  I rest in the silence while the Great Spirit bears this message to the whole world.  Gratefully, I declare, and so it is.