Water In The Desert

Water In The Desert
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

Sitting here this fresh and moist morning, listening to the light tapping sound of rain outside my window (something I haven’t heard in months) I am very aware of the resilience of nature and of the amazing relationship of rain to the desert. The desert waits patiently for these rains and when they come, not a drop is wasted. Water is life and these valleys and mountains come alive at the arrival of even a few drops. They have been waiting patiently and when the rain comes, life that seemed to be gone, suddenly appears to rush in. But it was never gone, we simply couldn’t see it.

What an amazing mirror nature is. My recognition of the truth of my own being is like rain in the desert. When I allow thoughts of good, of strength, of love or of abundance to fill my mind and I infuse those thoughts with feeling, it doesn’t take much to get the Universe shifting and moving in a harmonious conspiracy for my good!

As I remember this as my true nature this morning, I choose to point my thoughts in the direction of my own resilient nature. I am a powerful expression of God and in me is that same creative nature that I see, hear and smell surrounding me this morning. My powerful word springs forth life! Whatever life I choose to live, I co-create it with Spirit. I recognize my thoughts to be like water in the desert and so my thoughts of my own strength, of how I show up in the world as committed, kind and persistent cause a teaming of life, of expressions and opportunities to be just that. Seemingly from out of nowhere, opportunities push through what has felt like barren desert into a lush carpet of green sprouts. Everywhere I turn there is a new opportunity to show kindness. In my daily interactions, I find it easy to be committed to the work that is important to me, to that which I believe is my purpose and because it is so important to me, I move with persistence and tenacity! Out of this engagement with life, new layers of green sprout opportunities spring up in every direction and before I know it I am standing in a lush green field buzzing with the fullness of my life!

I’m so deeply grateful for the opportunity to remember, again, my true nature which is the same nature of Spirit. In this remembering, I release my powerful creative word into the Law that can only say yes!

Thank you, sweet Spirit. And so it is.