We are Souls Dancing in the One Life of God

We are Souls Dancing in the One Life of God
By Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP – In The Land of Faith

There is One Power and It is the Source of Everything. It is Life itself. It is All. It is Easy, for God, that One Power, that Once Source does everything with total ease. Effortlessly It creates. Effortlessly It blesses. There is nothing that is difficult, for that is unlike what Spirit is. Spirit, God, the One Life, the Only Life simply Is. Generous, Giving, Loving, Kind. It is. Peace. Joy. Harmony. It is. No struggle. No trying. God Loves and the World is born in Its Breath.

This One Source is the truth of who and what I am. Its Power is my power. Its Ease is my ease. Resting in God, I know the truth of who I am. I am God expressing! Resting in God, I recognize the truth of you, too. You, too, are God expressing. We are souls dancing in the One Life of God. Souls yearning to remember who and what we really are. Souls connected. Always connected. Can you feel how connected we are?

And so, in this NOW, this moment of Eternal God, I allow that Goodness to permeate my being. I breathe it in and with that single breath, I return to remembrance. I find that place where I am loved and supported. I am cradled in effortlessness. I am cradled in ease. I breathe into the NOW of God and find trust. I breathe in that Loving Kindness and find my faith. Life is easy because life is God, easily expressing. I speak my word and know that I am heard, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and so in my asking, in my speaking my word, it is done. I rest in the surety of God. I relax into the ease of certainty. I am always loved. I am always cared for. And so are you, my friend; so are you.

It makes my heart bubble with gratitude. How blessed I am! How blessed are you! God’s generosity blesses me constantly. I am grateful for how spoiled I am. I am grateful for how treasured I am. I am grateful, I am grateful. Aren’t you?

So I release my word. No matter the circumstances, no matter the appearance, I let go of my ideas and trust that God has my back. God always has my back. How cool is that! So I let it go because it’s easier that way. And did you hear? God is easy. And So It Is. And So I am. And So Are You. Amen!