Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

What an Opportunity, This

What an Opportunity, This
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

What love It was and is that gives us everything It has making us like It – with all the wondrous gifts – consciousness, power and free will and more. They are ours to wield as we choose.

All we need do is awaken from the fogginess of ego that would have us believe that we are small, weak, powerless and unworthy. Actually, the direct opposite is true. We are incredibly powerful beyond all imagination beings. This is my truth and yours. It and we are Infinite.

What is ours to do is cut through the clatter and the clamor of the thick veils of false beliefs, appearances and illusions to find our truth, our power, our light amidst the plenitude of false appearances that keep the jewel safe for us until we are ready to claim it – our power and our light. And then to express and live it boldly and bodaciously in the Light of The Divine Spirit of Love, Kindness and Magnificence.

The veils of appearance take many forms. Childhood imprinting, regret, grief, anger, fear, viruses, to name a few. They gain power when we forget our own truth and power. Our work is to see beyond appearances and to know the truth – our truth.

This time of seclusion and social distancing compelled by the Coronavirus gives us all equally and globally such a rich opportunity to take this time of getting back-to-basics to move past the veils, know our truth and go within to identify what we really choose to be creating for ourselves as we nestle in our homes amidst our new quietened reality.  We have a golden gift of time, space and opening for increased self- reflection, self-nurturing, deepening awareness and insights as well as the possibilities for new choice points, dreams and horizons. May you move closer to yours this day.

May you find your truth in each day and each moment as you breathe in life-giving and renewing regenerating wholesome Light and express the wonders of this Divine Incredible Magnificent Love that you are.   

I am so grateful to know this truth of the Blessedness we are. I release my word knowing it is already so. And so it is.