Lovater Jones, RScP

Wherever I Am, God Is

Wherever I Am, God Is
by Lovater H. Jones, RScP

“He that is within me is greater than any demand that can be made upon me. Now we have the very Word of God abiding in our consciousness, and no longer do we face the day alone, but with God.” ~Joel S. Goldsmith,
“Awakening Mystical Consciousness”

There was a time when I thought that unless I was in the middle of activity I was alone and experiencing the feeling of loneliness. I was constantly on the go; always looking for the next project; the next event, the next task. Now I know I was “doing” instead of “being.” I believed my very happiness depended on and could only be found in my constant motion. It was likened to a herd of wildebeest, but to a lesser degree. I seemed to always be running in one direction and the slightest (for the wildebeest it could be a noise or a flock of birds flying overhead) distraction could cause a change in focus, headed for who knows where. I found a reason to go, when I wanted to stay; I said yes to attend events when my very being was screaming no. It was as though I was afraid to be. Things have changed for me. I have come to know that God is found in the stillness of my very Being. This does not mean that I must withdraw from life’s activities; far from it.

What it tells me is that my consciousness has expanded to a level of awareness that allows me to know, that even when I am alone, I am not lonely as God is always where I am, and where God is, there is peace and quiet, joy, love and calmness. “As we keep our consciousness filled with the word of God, we attract the harmony, peace, prosperity, health and grace that flow from God.” (Joel S. Goldsmith)

Therefore, I commit myself to be guided by the Spirit of God within, and “Be;” as Being is allowing, and receptive and opening, making space for Spirit to express Itself in me, as me and through me. “When an individual begins to surrender himself (herself) to God, seeking always to know the will of God and to be an instrument for Its fulfillment, the word of God becomes the very Christ in the midst of him (her) which enables him (her) to be a light unto this world and a servant unto everyone.” (Joel S. Goldsmith).

AFFIRMATION: I am an open vessel to Spirit’s loving expression of my True Being.

Therefore, wherever I am, God is, and all is well.