Wholeness and Health are Mine

Wholeness and Health are Mine
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Infinite Divine Life, I know that I am part of the cosmic fiber of the Universe.  I accept and acknowledge in this now moment that I am, as well as anyone else reading or hearing these words, encircled in Love, and I begin immediately to envision my body as whole and healthy, in every way.  I breathe deeply and easily; I rest in comfort; and I move with ease and flexibility. I accept and know my innate perfection — body, mind, spirit.  

As I take my own deep cleansing breath, my connection to Life itself is strong and secure.  I see the bright light which infuses me and all of creation with all of its healing abilities, as I emerge from any sense of limitation or dis-ease as I have always been — whole perfect and complete.  

What a joy it is to know this truth and declare it into the Law!  I am so grateful to know this truth for myself and for all of humankind!  And so it is.