Greg Gardner, RScP


by Greg Gardner, RScP

We get what we put out there in life- Words are like boomerangs- you put them out there and they come back to you- just like planting seeds.

“The gardener goes forth in faith to sow his seeds. He has learned that as he sows, so shall he reap, that the Law works the same for all alike.”

Ernest Holmes SOM text pg. 39

“We are thinking, willing, knowing conscious centers of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is a flowing through us a creative Something…. call It what you will. The sum-total of all our thought, will, purpose and belief, creates a tendency in this Law that causes It to react to us according to the sum total of that belief.”

Ernest Holmes, SOM text pg. 38.

Gifted by Greg Gardner, RScP
Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living