by Tilia Giron, et al
Chaplain and RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Yes!!! Love is what builds the bridges!
Love is the great manifester of all that which is.
It is Love that brought all of the earth, dimensions and multiverses into being.

Love is a great extender of itself.
It Must grow
for Love cannot be contained, limited, stilled or stymied.

Love is Genesis existent from itself out of itself because that is the nature of love.
Love is giving, it Must expand.
Love is generosity.
It can only generate from itself into more love.

It is the great healer. Healers think there is medicine in their techniques, doctors in their knowledge, medicines and studies. Yes, there is scientific data to support certain results and
The essential truth is it’s love and attention that is ultimately healing the ailment.

Love is the nature of the universe.
Love is the impetus for creativity and creation itself.

Love is the beginning and there is no end.
So, hold and tender love in your heart.
Give it away and see it magnify
Flowing forth into unexpected possibilities and opportunities.
Enjoy the love that you are and watch
Yourself grow, flourish and thrive in this New Year
Amidst much joy, wondrous blessings and great good fortune!
And so it is!