You Are the Jewel

You Are the Jewel
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Yes, you are the Light than transforms
You are a part of the Light of the Divine
You carry the Divine Essence.

You are the Desire of the Divine
A desire that manifested in the birth of human life.

Like the Divine
You are Powerful
And Beautiful.

You are Magnificent
Though you are Human.

As such, you carry both Human and Divine
Constant possibilities for growth
And manifestation of the Divine in Human Form
For Creativity and Benevolence
For showing Love where it is most needed
For showing up.
You cannot show down.

Allow your light to show your Divinity
Whatever your shine, it is always Perfect
For as Divine, you continue to become even more.
More Light and More Love
More Wisdom and More Capacity to Love even more
To Shine ever brighter.