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Sunday May 16, 2021
I HAVE ARRIVED! (or have I?)

Join Rev. Karen as she explores chapter 9 of Your Re-Defining Moments and takes a look at The Seven Intrinsic Qualities of the Authentic Self. What is your truth? What is your Truth? Are you hiding your truth beneath masks? Or are you living large and out loud, fearlessly and full of joy? Ernest Holmes says in the Science of Mind textbook: “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom of Heaven, or harmony and abundance. Today He opens to me the blessings of His infinite and eternal treasure, inviting me to dip deeply into it. As I believe in my heart, so it is done unto me in all things. As I ask, so do I receive, a full measure unto my faith, pressed down and running over. These and other Divine promises and assurances sing in me; the Still Small Voice reminds me that all that the Father hath is mine. This day I listen deeply to that Still, Small Voice and believe Its promises.” On Sunday we will take some time to investigate that still small voice within.

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Compassion Ministries is here for you.

Compassion Ministries knows how wonderful it is to feel safe, cared about, supported and connected. Spiritual Abundance can come from Peace of Mind, and Peace in your Heart. Abundance comes in many forms and can include having sufficient resources to feel safe and supported. Know that we care, and we are here to help you.

If you know of any families in need of rental/utility assistance, there is a big assistance program that opened up recently. The State of NM will be distributing $170 million in financial assistance. It is open to all NM counties and the City of Albuquerque. Please feel free to pass on this information.

All of the information can be found at or (Spanish), or by calling 1-833-485-1334. Bernalillo County (outside ABQ) has their own assistance programs that are accepting applications at

For spiritual support, Compassion Ministries can be reached by email at In addition, you may Contact either Chaplain Carmella at (505) 280-0106, or Chaplain Tilia at (505) 417-2436, directly

Meet Our Interim Minister, Rev. Karen Linsley!

Rev. Karen Linsley became a licensed Practitioner in 2008 and immediately opened a Teaching Chapter and began designing and facilitating her own workshops and retreats, as well as teaching CSL classes. She graduated from Holmes Institute, Santa Rosa campus, in 2014, and received her ordination in 2016. She serves as Spiritual Leader of CSL Carson City, which is an online Teaching Chapter. Her joy and niche in ministry is not only designing and facilitating workshops, but in teaching and in Interim Ministry. She is a published author with two books out, and also produces a podcast called Fearlessly Feral Living. She lives with two cats, a dog and (soon!) two horses in Wellington, Nevada, a quiet high desert rural area about an hour east of Lake Tahoe and an hour and a half south of Reno. She enjoys gardening, cooking and rock tumbling.


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