A Prayer for Those Seeking Health to Say Aloud

A Prayer for Those Seeking Health to Say Aloud
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I look to Divine Oneness – to Sacred Beingness. I name It Health…Wholeness…Well-being. I am of the Divine Oneness. I am of the Perfect Being. I am of the Unlimited Wellness. I am That I am. That is my Reality, my Truth. I unite with It now.

If there is anything in me – mind, body, or soul – that is not singing this Truth, I surrender it to the Transcendent, Trustworthy Wholeness. Steadfastly facing the True Health that I AM, I see no evil on my pathway. There is no reality in matter. There is no lack or limitation. There is no fear, no power to harm, no mistaken belief, no absence of Good, no burden of heavy obligation, no judgment, no sin, sickness, or death. God is now working with me to gently remove anything ready to be released. Accepting that I am eternally safe within the One, I now surrender that which no longer serves my Life, Highest Good and Joy.

I know that this is a blessed and meaningful time of life. I am alert to Life’s incoming messages. If I have experienced trauma or loss, I accept comfort and support in working through it. If I have experienced anger over perceived injustices, I accept understanding and appropriate processing within a safe context. If I have made a wrong turn, I return and align to my Source. I open myself to the Good Love and Intelligence flowing in from this and other planes of existence as unseen healing energies are moving within and all about me. I open to and accept the nurturing flow of Love. I allow Its Light to enlighten my being and shine through me. I accept clear guidance and direction in all decisions. I accept excellence in health care. I accept highest and best outcomes. I accept a clear vision of a fulfilled life and keep my eye fastened on the goodness that I desire. I see my vigorous health as a fully bloomed, fragrant rose. It is mine now.

I am grateful for the immeasurable Willingness and Power of Spirit to act upon my word and bring forth the experience of my wondrous Health. I am grateful for all Gifts of Spirit flowing abundantly to me to resource and reassure me in every moment.

I now faithfully place my word into the inevitability of Spiritual Law. It is accomplished on earth as it has already been done in heaven. And so it is.