In the Power and Presence of God

Nancy Bowers RScP

In the Power and Presence of God Nancy Bowers, RScP In this moment, right here, right now, I recognize that I live in a benevolent universe. I am surrounded by a power and presence which I call God, the Source, Spirit, All that is, My Heavenly Father. It is Love. It is Healing. It is ever-responsive and supportive. Its essence is Peace. Its truth is Joy and Wholeness and Oneness. It is the Power behind … Read More

RGCSL Daily Insights – Chaotic Thought…


“Question—I am practically well physically, but seem unable to get hold of things mentally. I am an educated professional woman. Please help me to find myself again.

ANSWER – If you mean that your mental world is chaotic or disorganized, the treatment for you to use is as follows: Sitting quietly, contemplate the idea of your unity and harmony with Divine Mind; then realize that only harmonious and logical action and reaction can have place in this One Mind. You are one with this Mind, hence only your perfect good can reach you through its channels. When you can sense the truth, that this One Mind is your mind, declare your (page 53) Oneness with It. And on this basis, claim as your own all the mental power that this Mind has. ”


“Say: ‘I know there is only One Mind, and It is my mind now. Hence my Mind is in perfect balance. It is trustworthy. It knows what I want and gives me health, peace, power. There is nothing in me to deny nor delay the working out of my good and I know it.’Praise God and know that it is finished, complete and perfect.”

RGCSL Daily Insights – I Am Filled With Peace…

RGCSL Daily Insights Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM Around the year with Ernest Holmes Compiled by Serving New Thought We give thanks to the Divine Journal for their work in providing this. Return each day to RGCSL Daily Insights You will find a new and wonderful insight! The insight for today: HERE AND NOW Perfection is already accomplished. I am that Perfect Life here and now. Today I express the Limitless Life of the All Good. Today … Read More