Co-Creating 2019

Lesha Kitts, RScP

Co-Creating 2019 by Lesha Kitts, RScP 2018 has come to a close, and Mother Earth has giving us a new beginning, by cleansing, clearing and quieting all that was, with a blanket of snow for the New Year. Start 2019 from this place. Our roots are strong and deep, but where we go from here is all above ground. It is a clean slate of shimmering white snow that is reflecting the Light of who … Read More

Treatment for Acceptance and Release

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

Treatment for Acceptance and Release by Marjorie Larragoite, RScP “We should learn to let go of our mistakes and remember them no longer against ourselves. Nothing is gained by holding to past errors. The best thing to do is to let go and forget them altogether…. We are healed when we come to the Spirit for that cleansing which takes away the mistakes of the world, converting them into great lessons, ever pointing the way … Read More

Placing a Gentle Demand on the Universe

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

Placing a Gentle Demand on the Universe by Alicia K. Hanlen Practitioner Emeritus Taos Study Group “When you give a treatment, you are definitely setting a Universal Law in motion, which must not only accept what you say but the way in which you say it. Give the treatment properly, clearly, fully, and conscientiously and see the spiritual perfection.” – Dr. Ernest Holmes Infinite Divine Life, Mother/Father God, sweet and precious Spirit, I now acknowledge my … Read More