We Prescribe a Friend

Rev. Dr. Alice Bandy

We Prescribe a Friendby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister Dedicated to Rev. Dr. Alice Bandy “We are wisdom and healing, roastedmeat and the star Canopus.  We’re ground and spilled wine soakingin. When illness comes, we cure it.  For sadness, we prescribe a friend.  For death, a friend.  Run to meet us on the road.  We staymodest, and we bless. We look like this, but this is a tree, and we are morning wind in the … Read More

Accepting Loss

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Accepting Loss by Marylyn Kirk, RScP What I know is that there is only one eternal loving presence. It fills the universe, and it is everywhere present, now and always. Spirit is everywhere, in the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown. This presence is the power of God/Love/Life, expressing in, through and as form. I recognize Spirit as limitless, that is everywhere present and available 24/7. I know that I am a … Read More

For Buddy and All of Our Departed Pets

For Buddy and All of Our Departed Pets by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister We met Buddy the Dog nine years ago when he ran into morning traffic on Lomas. All the cars came to an immediate stop because no one wanted to be responsible for his death. My daughter and I watched the chihuahua-ish puppy with spindly legs run around the cars, and then we watched with horror as he placed his head underneath … Read More