Russell Tobey Pope

Releaseby Russell Tobey Pope, RScPPractitioner Emeritus The last step in the Practitioners prayer/treatment for people or events is to release the prayer  I feel this is the most important step  I feel you can affirm and say the truth for yourself but holding the thought and not affirm it is happening right now, sets up a road block for the prayer because it hasn’t been released knowing it will happen or is happening right now. … Read More

Treatment for Acceptance and Release

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

Treatment for Acceptance and Release by Marjorie Larragoite, RScP “We should learn to let go of our mistakes and remember them no longer against ourselves. Nothing is gained by holding to past errors. The best thing to do is to let go and forget them altogether…. We are healed when we come to the Spirit for that cleansing which takes away the mistakes of the world, converting them into great lessons, ever pointing the way … Read More

Release of All Striving and Struggle

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Release of All Striving and Struggle by Kamatara Johnson, RScP “Stop all striving and all struggle and within your own soul know the truth and trust it absolutely. Daily declare that you are being guided and protected and that the power of the Spirit is bringing all to pass and wait in perfect peace and confidence. Such an attitude of mind will overcome anything and will prove that spiritual thought force is the only real … Read More

Living in Grace And Knowing the Next Right Step

Living in Grace And Knowing the Next Right Step Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister There is One Loving Source. I believe this One Source is the foundation and promulgation of all life. Through my belief, I allow this Life into all of my affairs at the exact depth of my belief so today I believe. There is One Life and that Life is perfect. It is what I call God. It is known by so … Read More

The New Year

The New Year Dianne Martin, RScP I am One with the Divine Life I call God. I know that with God, each and every moment is filled with Infinite Possibilities. Life is filled with love, peace, joy, and beauty. Spirit is all power and is the source of my strength. And as I know this is true for me, I know it is true for each and every person. You, me, and everyone is God … Read More