We are that Beauty

Tilia Giron, RScP

We are that Beauty
‎by Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

Beauty is one way God expresses Love for us. The more we see Beauty, the more it shows up. As a part of this Divine Spirit of Beauty, you and I also manifest this divine quality.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I admit that it does not always show up the way I expect nor at the time I expect. Yet, Beauty is still and always present. To experience more of it, perhaps, I need to be willing to take the time to see Beauty in its various manifestations with its multiple blessings. Life gets hectic, indeed. Yet, it is we who are in charge of how we experience life. So, today I resolve to make space and time to recognizing and opening to Beauty whatever its form – to welcoming and experiencing fully that divine moment when Beauty appears.

Thus, I declare for you and for me that we not only see and experience Beauty in our surroundings and circumstances, but we see it in ourselves accompanied by its faithful companions, harmony, joy and peace. We see ourselves today right now in this moment and in today’s light beautiful and enjoying harmony, joy and peace just as we are – no future alterations needed – right here, right now, present moment, we ARE that Beauty! For we are made of the Divine and of the Divine, we are perfect, we are whole, we are Godlike, and, Godlike, we are the Essence in all Its expressions – including and not limited to Beauty. Yes!

I invite you to walk forth this day immersing yourself in Beauty, breathing it in, knowing it within us and around us, feeling it, wrapping yourself up in it thoroughly from head to toe, inside out, no buts’ allowed. What great love That is that loves us so perfectly that with all the exceptions we might name to our perceived beauty, God loves us unconditionally wholeheartedly with them. In fact, God does not even see them. They are only our concoctions and it is we who give them significance. I declare them unneeded and illusions, paling into nothingness, into the Great Void of which all is made manifest. And in their place shines revealed the radiant truth of who we always are: beautiful, perfect, powerful beyond measure, blessed and so infinitely graced. I claim this for myself and I claim this for you. Grateful for such boundless Unending Deep Overflowing Love, I now release my word knowing that it is done even before being uttered.

As you proceed along your day, aware of the infinite possibilities of beauty surrounding you, give yourself a lift and, out loud or silently, smile to yourself, “I open to Beauty, I am beauty and Beauty Itself and so are you.” And so it is!