For Those Seeking Strength and Power to Cope

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

For Those Seeking Strength and Power to Copeby Marjorie Larragoite, RScP This is a treatment for those seeking strength and power to cope with all that has occurred in their lives: “I can do all things in him who strengthens me.”  Phil. 4/13         “My God has become my strength.”  Isaiah 49:5     “God’s firm foundation stands.”  II Timothy 2:19    “God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalms … Read More

Power has Arrived

Tilia Giron, RScP

Power has Arrivedby Tilia Giron, Chaplain and RScP Power has arrived and it is in me.I can’t say I know where it came fromOther than that it is Spirit.And so is everything.I can’t say I know why it’s here precisely, what event or circumstance precipitated it.All I know is there is a power resident within me and it is magnificent And it tells me in a knowing that I cannot doubt, that I don’t even … Read More

A Treatment for Energy, Power and Strength

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

A Treatment for Energy, Power and Strengthby Marjorie Larragoite To grant you, according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might by his Spirit.  (Ephesians 3:16) …those  who trust the Creator will find new strength.  They will be strong like eagles, soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.  (Isiah 40:31) God is ,,,the Intelligent Energy running through all.  Ernest Holmes, THE SCIENCE OF MIND, p.480 There is … Read More

Beautiful Visions

Chris Duvall, RScP

Beautiful Visions by Chris Duvall, RScP I recognize Causal Energy and Will from the Universal Heart of the Highest Vibration of Love. This is the Inclusive Omni Power, Presence and Intelligence, the Oneness & Wholeness from which All originates. All of Life is of this Great I AM. As we recognize It, surrender into It, and allow It to saturate us with Its Understanding, we arise into Its Well-Being and speak Its Word of Power. … Read More


Wordby Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister “My Word is a Word of Power,for I know that it is the Word of the Great God within me.My Word shall accomplish and prosper,and shall do good unto all who call upon my name.My Word is a tower of strengthand cannot be denied.It is complete and perfect here and now.My Word is the Word of God. My word is the word of God.”  Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind … Read More